Taken Captive

So it begins.

Not my blog posting experience per se.  In the beginning as we know it, God creates time.  He creates ages.  Nothing He does is by accident or without knowledge of what’s to come.  Nothing that happens is outside of what He has purposed for all of creation.  So, why begin?  Why have beginnings when you’re the Alpha and Omega?  I know there’s an infinite number of possibilities and answers to this question.  The purpose of this blog is to search out one of those answers.  The answer ultimately; so it’s really more like searching out one aspect of an incomprehensible answer.

However, since it is the glory of God to conceal a thing, and the glory of kings to search out a matter…let’s get to searching.  Let’s seek out this Christ, the Creator, and discover His pursuit of the beloved.

That’s the purpose I’d like to discuss in depth.  That’s the answer I’ve become enamored with.  His ultimate goal; captivate the beloved.  Every friendship, marriage, community, family, clan, tribe and the like is an earthly picture of what He is accomplishing in the ages.  He is drawing all men to Himself in order to show us what glory and intimacy and unity and life are all about.  The ecclesia is His beloved in the earth.  There are so many facets to this reality: sonship, tabernacles, dominion, overcoming, brotherhood, sisterhood, battling, law, relationship, feasts, growth, and on and on He goes.

Jesus Christ is taking all this captive.  Captivating the entire world and all of creation. This Jesus is bigger and greater and more personal than we can ever imagine.  Ask any of the beloved who have truly seen Him.  Knowing and being known; that’s where we’ve been captivated.  So, my hope for this blog is to reveal, imagine, and discuss this Christ.  To relate, as much as this setting will allow, around this bride, body, family, army, and ecclesia being captivated by a purposeful Creator.

So it never ends.

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3 Responses to Taken Captive

  1. neale says:

    Excited about your blog, bro! I’m looking forward to reading how you’ve been captivated.

  2. Looking forward to the journey bro.

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