Between Brothers

I realize that indecisiveness grates on you. It grates on me too for the most part, although I’ve been trying to let that part of me go (maybe too much). Is your frustration simply with the indecisiveness? I’m thinking that what really concerns you is something deeper. You’ve talked a bit about it (e.g., not being as excited about meetings or maybe even body life as you once were) but haven’t been able to put your finger on it.

Thanks for your grace and perspective. The Lord is using it to dig deeper down through the initial frustrations and reactions to the heart of the matters we face. His heart, I hope.

You’re right; it’s the lack of overall commitment to one another I sense in these constant changes that concerns me. Unless we’re playing, partying, or barbecuing there seems to be a lack of desire to relate deeply and stick to plans made. Obviously, circumstances change due to every day life. But too often we seem to move and change and shift based on our ‘feeling’ or ‘desire’ in the moment…and then we call this ‘freedom in Christ’ as if that’s what it means to be in Him.

Let me throw out a couple ideas here as food for spiritual thought.


We all have different ideas which is ok, but I also realize that doesn’t have to mean pleasing everyone…otherwise no one has to die to anything…and nothing ever gets accomplished. At the same time the idea of consensus still rings with some significance to me.

So, one larger question becomes how to grow in The Lord in this area of decisiveness vs. all having an equal voice/consensus. Seems to me that this a crossroad this local body has been at for some time. We’ve been unable or unwilling to really find the mind of The Lord on this issue as of yet.

I personally enjoyed thinking about The Lord in each of us through the king, prophet and priest roles and see value in continuing to learn one another in such a way as I believe you were envisioning. I think it will help build trust for the future. Either way, this issue is still very much a part of our body dynamic.

I’m not sure I see scriptural or practical relevance for constant consensus. I don’t see Jesus or the apostles or any OT type and shadow of the Lord stopping to make sure everyone is on board with every decision. He appoints and He moves. The body listens, discerns, and moves with Him since He is the head. In that, there is much room for submissiveness, patience, dying to self on a moment by moment basis, forgiveness, grace and love for every member of the body to experience. I do agree, everyone should be heard and considered.

Question two may be “are we moving forward?” or as you’ve mentioned “where are we going?” But what does that really mean? I gotta be honest, other than the organic Sunday School answer of “we’re moving forward or going toward The Lord” I don’t know what that means. I’m curious to know if The Lord has shown you an answer to either of these two questions?

Well, at times it seems we’ve stopped to stare at Jesus instead of moving toward Him. We’ve stopped in the crowd as onlookers instead of pushing through like the woman with the issue of blood to take hold of the hem of His garment. We’ve digressed to only talk about how we ‘see’ Jesus in everyday and often trivial things rather than crying out for more of His healing and outpouring…crying out for the Son of David to stop and touch us like Bartimaeus.

He is the answer. But, if we only stand and oooh and ahhh every time Jesus walks down our city streets and never pick up our mat and follow after Him then we miss out on opportunities to bring His kingdom to earth. The Lord is on the move. Toward the coming age. Toward His kingdom come…in its entirety.

We have the opportunity to join the Lord in His work to ‘restore all things to Himself’. To build, promote, and establish His kingdom on the earth. Often times, Jesus feels like some happy, go lucky, make me feel good God when we fellowship around Him with bros and sisters. I’ve seen Him in low places and high and this is rarely who He is.

I appreciate your zeal, decisive nature, and your willingness to tackle the tough elephants in the room, and I’m happy to chat with you any time via email or in person. As you’ve noticed, I don’t have all the answers…just a few thoughts and reflections that hopefully will press us further into Him, and press us further into one another as a part of Him.

I don’t know that I have specific answers yet either…but I do know your questions are stirring up a desire in my Spirit to dig deeper into our Lord’s life. Into His calling and action and work. Every parable on the kingdom of Heaven includes managers, workers, harvesters, overseers, and the like.

He’s doing something and we’re to be about the His business. I don’t know exactly what that looks like for an entire group of people sold out to Jesus and His purposes, but I sure long to talk more about it. I sure long to see others’ perspectives on it to develop a culture centered around Jesus Christ.

The Lord is moving among us in tangible ways. We are continuing to learn one another. And I’m excited for more of both. I love you, my brother.

You are a rare brother with a serious gift for discernment. I’m blessed to have you in my life and look forward to deeper relationship with you as with Him.

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3 Responses to Between Brothers

  1. Great conversation bro, and thanks for sharing it.

  2. Phillip Hilliard says:

    You know, I normally charge for the use of my likeness. On a serious note, thanks to Dave for having this convo and being willing to let it all hang out in raw form for the body to dwell in The Lord on and through it!

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